Nervous? Heart Racing? Blow on your Thumb!

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2011 at 6:46 pm

WE have all been there.  Huge office presentation, First dates or just about any crucial moment. That damn ticker of yours gives away your anxiety like a hooker gives away her innocence. By pounding.

Don’t fret, there are options out there to help ease the nerves and slow down that heart rate.

One of the causes of this pesky condition is the Vagus Nerve. A Nerve in the body that triggers the speeding up and slowing down of our heart rates. There are a few options to manipulate this nerve to our advantage.

Excessive heart racing “can often be stopped by “vagal maneuvers”. Vagal maneuvers increase the “slow down” messages sent to the heart by the brain along a nerve called the vagus nerve. These maneuvers include: 1) blowing on the thumb as if it were a trumpet (without letting any air out while blowing); 2) “bearing down” as if passing a bowel movement; 3) placing the face ice water or placing ice to the face while holding the breath, and 4) doing a headstand.”- provided by the university of Michigan’s website.

  1. what??? so interesting never knew this stuff and I have serious vagal issues XD good post!

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