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Chris Cares – Advice Column Volume One

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Chris Cares – Advice Column Volume One.

I had to repost this. Chris is a self proclaimed dimwit, but I think that is far from the truth.


A new way to Market your home.

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Flat fee MLS listing Life Hack

As we all know, the housing market is still in the doldrums and does not look like it will be rebounding anytime soon. There is some hope for home sellers. A way to get maximum exposure and not pay the hefty 5 or 6% commissions that typical brokerages charge. Flat fee MLS services are on the rise and for good reason; Same advertising at half the cost. There are a ton of these companies out there, so below I highlighted just one of the many. They were one of the first in the business and continue to grow.

For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listings from is a website of CONTINENTAL REAL ESTATE GROUP, INC., a leading fully licensed FOR SALE BY OWNER FLAT FEE MLS REAL ESTATEBROKERAGE in many states including ConnecticutDistrict of Columbia,DelawareFloridaIllinoisMaineMassachusettsMarylandNew HampshireNew JerseyNew YorkPennsylvaniaRhode IslandVermontVirginia & West Virginia. Their listings start from $124-$299 depending on the marketplace. They offer a variety of add on services including local Realtor electronic lockboxes with showing notifications, virtual tours, fax on demand, and caller ID tracking on calls.

Front Row Baby!!

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Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t matter how quickly you get on Ticketmaster the morning of a ticket release, you always get the shit end of the stick? Me too and I am a big music fan. Well, there is some hope. If you want good seats and you don’t want to buy them from a scalper or ticket broker for the cost of your unborn childs college tuition, then I have the answer for you.

Make a list of your favorite bands, sports events and acts. Find out when they go on sale, then visit For a very small fee they give you presale codes. allowing you to get first dibs on the events of your choice. Just be proactive.

Using coffee stategically

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How To Break

Your Daily Caffeine

Habit And Use Coffee


Caffeine seems so simple, even if you’re a veteran user. You drink it, you get amped up for a short period, and you inevitably come down a bit when it wears off—or so you think. But caffeine is a more subtle substance than we give it credit for. Knowing how it works on your body and brain, and how it is most effective, can give you an edge at concentrating, while still keeping the jittery edge off.

The best way to get the most from caffeine is to start from scratch. There are a lot of factors that play into how a dose of caffeine affects you, but there’s no stronger factor than the tolerance you’ve developed, morning after morning. Give yourself a week to 10 days to recover, scaling back slowly if necessary, then start fresh with coffee as an occasional, smart pick-me-up.

Note: Biological and genetic factors also play into your caffeine interaction, and it may not be for everybody. This is just a starter’s guide for those who want to stop feeling like one cup isn’t enough.

Yes, you probably have a caffeine tolerance. Learn to adjust it.

Patients waking up from surgery in which they went under anesthesia often wake up with a killer headache. Doctors used to blame their own knock-out juice, until research showed how effective a post-surgery cup of coffee could be. Most of us are used to having our regular coffee or tea, occasional sodas, and bits of chocolate, but when asked by doctors not to eat or drink anything for long stretches before surgery, then sleeping off the drugs, your body wakes up to a system without any caffeine, and it’s a mite unhappy.

Knowing this, and having days or weeks where you know you’re going to need reliable energy boosts, try to keep yourself caffeine-neutral and wean yourself from dependency. It takes between a week and 12 days to build up a tolerance and dependency on caffeine (even at just one cup a day), and an average of 10 days to work it off. Once you’re past the rough mornings and headaches, you’re able to strategically deploy the stuff when you’ve got a big day ahead and need better attention and memory performance. But keep in mind …

Caffeine unlocks your potential energy, it doesn’t create energy

Stephen R. Braun, author of the excellent explanatory tome Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine, told me in an interview at Lifehacker that caffeine’s effects were best described as “taking the chaperones out of a high school dance.” Caffeine does its magic not by directly stimulating your cells, but by being extremely similar to adenosine, a cell by-product that your body monitors as a kind of gauge for exhaustion. Caffeine’s molecules plug up your receptors for adenosine, so your body stops getting signals that it’s tired.

But if you’re running on just a few hours sleep and living off pizza and Clif bars for hours, caffeine will only tweak your behavior a bit, not reinvigorate you. So, it’s best to set up an optimal deployment scheme for caffeine. It can’t hurt after that near-all-nighter, but it won’t be as helpful, either.

Combine naps and caffeine for ultimate midday refreshers

Got 15 minutes and a cup of coffee or tea handy? You’ll be glad you do, and that you’re keeping yourself from developing that daily tolerance. Because then you’ll have access to the “caffeine nap” discovered by U.K. researchers. Drink some coffee fairly quickly (assuming you aren’t already buzzing on the stuff), then take a 15-minute nap. That gives your body just enough sleep to feel slightly refreshed, and the caffeine enough time to start taking effect the minute you wake up.

Drink good, seriously de-caffeinated coffee at non-critical times

Now that you’re good and caffeine-free, what happens when everybody at the table wants a cup after dinner? What happens when you just want a cup of good coffee, regardless of brain impact? Go with decaf, but go with a “Swiss water” blend that’s 99.9 percent free of caffeine.

It might seem a bit severe, but read up on proper decaf making, and realize that other coffee compounds, like GABA, are also impacting your alertness and energy levels, and you’ll see the importance of keeping unplanned caffeine away from your fine-tuned system. Spend the time shopping around for good decaf roasts that you’d spend on standard beans. The Swiss Water logo is a good starting point, but not the only conveyor of serious decaffeinated intent.

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Too many drinks and a case of the spins.

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The cupula, is a pesky little nerve located inside our heads. Its surounded by Blood. The thickness of our blood is what keeps this little tyrant stable.

So what happens to your blood when you drink too much?

It thins.

It thins and becomes watery. The lack of density allows the Cupula to move about a little more freely giving you the dizzy vertigo like sensation of being too damn drunk.

Next time you decide you want to drown this powerful little nerve, when he has you on the run, sit down and place both hands firmly on the table in front of you. This tricks the brain into thinking there is still a way to avoid the inevitable case of vomiting.

Nervous? Heart Racing? Blow on your Thumb!

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WE have all been there.  Huge office presentation, First dates or just about any crucial moment. That damn ticker of yours gives away your anxiety like a hooker gives away her innocence. By pounding.

Don’t fret, there are options out there to help ease the nerves and slow down that heart rate.

One of the causes of this pesky condition is the Vagus Nerve. A Nerve in the body that triggers the speeding up and slowing down of our heart rates. There are a few options to manipulate this nerve to our advantage.

Excessive heart racing “can often be stopped by “vagal maneuvers”. Vagal maneuvers increase the “slow down” messages sent to the heart by the brain along a nerve called the vagus nerve. These maneuvers include: 1) blowing on the thumb as if it were a trumpet (without letting any air out while blowing); 2) “bearing down” as if passing a bowel movement; 3) placing the face ice water or placing ice to the face while holding the breath, and 4) doing a headstand.”- provided by the university of Michigan’s website.

Truth In possibility

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Take online surveys, Make money.

That statement is both true and untrue. It’s all relative what you consider making money.  If you think you think you’re quitting your day job and will be able to pay the bills taking surveys, then that statement is untrue. If you are looking to make a few extra bucks for a weekend with your friends, then there we have truth in possibility.

Sites that promise that you can make a living taking surveys, testing products, reading emails, sending emails and so on and so on, well, their mostly all bullshit. Aside from that, finding real sites that offer these without expecting you to pay THEM up front, well that’s almost impossible. I did say almost.

If you search enough you can find these opportunities in a legitimate fashion. Just know you can never quit your job or maybe even your 2nd job, but you can pay for a couple of happy hours a month. I used the following site for 2 days. I made $20 total with a total of about 1.5 hours.  It’s not great, but doing it once a day for about and hour, $10 a day, 30 days a month. That’s not too shabby for answering surveys about movies and products.

Good Credit + Government Program = Millions of Free Frequent Flyer Miles

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Good Credit + Government Program = Millions of Free Frequent Flyer Miles.

This is the epitome of what I look for. So simple you are going to smack yourself in the head for not thinking of it.

U.S. Mint wants to circulate gold dollar coins. To get them into circulation they offer them on their website with free shipping via credit card.  So, for $250 worth of gold coins, you’re paying $250. Wholesale baby!!

The intention was getting this into the hands of the average Joe, and hope he spends it locally. 

This is where it gets fun, a few slicksters out there realized that paying for something that is going to give you its exact value when it arrives in the mail creates wonderful opportunities.

These genius’s were ordering $1000’s worth of coins with credit cards that offered airline miles, when they arrived they went to their bank, deposited them, and paid off the credit card bill. All of this equals free airline miles. Rinse, Cycle, repeat.

Like all good things this had to end, but for the lucky few, it paid off.

Hello world!

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Welcome to Hacking into life. This blog is dedicated to tips, tricks and conning your way through life without breaking the bank or the law. I have always been intrigued by certain people who seem to coast through life. Always finding that deal, for the same item I paid full price for.

I soon realized  life is an illusion and there are tips and tricks to everything from vacations, meals, the latest products all the way to physical health and relationships.  I’ve searched similar sites that claim to have the answers that I want to provide, but they all fell short. So I figured I would do it myself. I will share with you what I’ve learned via  links to websites and other articles that clarify the work I am trying to do here. I will accept tips and tricks for readers to share with one another as well.