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Front Row Baby!!

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Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t matter how quickly you get on Ticketmaster the morning of a ticket release, you always get the shit end of the stick? Me too and I am a big music fan. Well, there is some hope. If you want good seats and you don’t want to buy them from a scalper or ticket broker for the cost of your unborn childs college tuition, then I have the answer for you.

Make a list of your favorite bands, sports events and acts. Find out when they go on sale, then visit For a very small fee they give you presale codes. allowing you to get first dibs on the events of your choice. Just be proactive.

Too many drinks and a case of the spins.

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The cupula, is a pesky little nerve located inside our heads. Its surounded by Blood. The thickness of our blood is what keeps this little tyrant stable.

So what happens to your blood when you drink too much?

It thins.

It thins and becomes watery. The lack of density allows the Cupula to move about a little more freely giving you the dizzy vertigo like sensation of being too damn drunk.

Next time you decide you want to drown this powerful little nerve, when he has you on the run, sit down and place both hands firmly on the table in front of you. This tricks the brain into thinking there is still a way to avoid the inevitable case of vomiting.

Nervous? Heart Racing? Blow on your Thumb!

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WE have all been there.  Huge office presentation, First dates or just about any crucial moment. That damn ticker of yours gives away your anxiety like a hooker gives away her innocence. By pounding.

Don’t fret, there are options out there to help ease the nerves and slow down that heart rate.

One of the causes of this pesky condition is the Vagus Nerve. A Nerve in the body that triggers the speeding up and slowing down of our heart rates. There are a few options to manipulate this nerve to our advantage.

Excessive heart racing “can often be stopped by “vagal maneuvers”. Vagal maneuvers increase the “slow down” messages sent to the heart by the brain along a nerve called the vagus nerve. These maneuvers include: 1) blowing on the thumb as if it were a trumpet (without letting any air out while blowing); 2) “bearing down” as if passing a bowel movement; 3) placing the face ice water or placing ice to the face while holding the breath, and 4) doing a headstand.”- provided by the university of Michigan’s website.

Truth In possibility

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Take online surveys, Make money.

That statement is both true and untrue. It’s all relative what you consider making money.  If you think you think you’re quitting your day job and will be able to pay the bills taking surveys, then that statement is untrue. If you are looking to make a few extra bucks for a weekend with your friends, then there we have truth in possibility.

Sites that promise that you can make a living taking surveys, testing products, reading emails, sending emails and so on and so on, well, their mostly all bullshit. Aside from that, finding real sites that offer these without expecting you to pay THEM up front, well that’s almost impossible. I did say almost.

If you search enough you can find these opportunities in a legitimate fashion. Just know you can never quit your job or maybe even your 2nd job, but you can pay for a couple of happy hours a month. I used the following site for 2 days. I made $20 total with a total of about 1.5 hours.  It’s not great, but doing it once a day for about and hour, $10 a day, 30 days a month. That’s not too shabby for answering surveys about movies and products.